Our team serves clients in many industries — from Fortune 500 corporations to startups. Shown below are some samples of our work in medical device, consumer product and transportation design.

Medical Device Design & Development

Whether developing a low volume piece of capital equipment or a high volume disposable product, Help Design Co. incorporates crucial steps for a robust product development process underpinned by the FDA's guidelines for medical device design and development. 

With the support of Stress Engineering Services (SES), our team has access to a tightly integrated team of experts, unique lab and testing capabilities, and strategic insights as a result of our experience with hundreds of product failures.  The expertise that SES brings to the table fulfills regulatory requirements and leads to safe, reliable and competitive products. 

Laparoscopic & Handheld Medical Devices

The images below are from a series of innovative laparoscopic devices we've worked on for a number of clients. These images highlight the way our team integrates technical constraints at the outset of a conceptual project. In a device as compact as a laparoscopic instrument, the design and material composition of every internal component has a direct impact on the form and function of the finished device.

Infusion Pumps & Larger Medical Devices

The images below depict some conceptual images of a several devices, including a modular wearable/stackable infusion pump, a simple therapeutic temperature management device for post sudden cardiac arrest patient cooling, sketches from a medical mobility project, and renderings of a portable vaccine transport and cooling device for disaster relief. These iamges convey a modular, versatile theme that reflects the function-driven tone of much of our work.

Consumer Products Design & Development

Our team at Help Design Co. and Stress Engineering Services has a long history of experience and success in consumer product and packaging design.

Our product development and design team at Help Design Co. uses observation & analysis to develop innovative concepts and technologies that anticipate unstated user needs. The development of these concepts is augmented by the predict performance analysis and optimization that SES is known for before a commitment is made to tooling.

Stress Engineering Services uses the latest design, analysis and experimental tools to model performance and predict failures before they happen. When properly applied, this method can result in significant reductions in development time and total delivered cost, often on the order of 30% or more.

Unlike a traditional design firm which regards its creative work alone as its objective, our principal objective is making your product a commercial success -- anything less is failure. We achieve this success by focusing on five key issues: (1) understanding and responding to your market, (2) understanding and responding to your business situation, (3) managing risks throughout the project, (4) managing unit manufactured costs throughout the project, and (5) following a defined, managed development process.

Consumer Products & Packaging

Help Design Co. and SES have developed a number of consumer products for Fortune 500 and independent inventors alike. The images below show sketches and renderings from a number of devices designed by our product design & development team.

The work of Stress Engineering Services can be seen in the engineering and optimization of thousands of consumer products, from primary packaging to floating oil platforms. For more information, please visit www.stress.com.